Building, Plaza & Pylon Signs

We Specialize in outdoor signage of any kind and feature

Building Signage

Specializing in outdoor signage and building signs, we go to all heights from High rises to Low rise, we have the capability of manufacturing and installing your signage at the desired location on your building.



Plaza Sign SERIES

3D Channel Lettering Signs

Channel Lettering Sign is one of the most pupolar store signs that looks very neat and promote your brand to the next level. Whatever your shape of logo and texts are, we have the capability to create it.


Engineered Signs

We work with number of approved contractors through GTA in order to Design and Build your Engineered Signs. These Signs requires foundation and proper permit in order to build.

Pylon Signs

All Plazas need a Pylon Sign to promote the businesses in them, from building the whole sign, to maintaining the store signage on them we can help you get the best pylon sign at the most cost effective way.

Construction Hoarding Signs

From design to production and installation, we have the capability to build any size hoardings.


Materials such as Plywood, Mesh Banner or Vinyl Banners are available.


3D Design Service

Just send us your vector format logo and a picture of where you like the sign to be mounted to and leave the rest to our talented design team. We will make sure that all the details are reviewed before we go to production and so you will have full confident of the end result and look of your sign.

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